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open-air art festivals

Exploring Inspirational Open-Air Art Festivals 

Amidst sweet melodies, laughter, and a vibrant hum of human connection, artists of all disciplines come together to showcase their talents and creations. Open-air art festivals bring raw imagination to the forefront and are a testament to the human spirit—the unquenchable thirst for nature and creativity, and the drive to share it with others.  Alternative …

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create a calming retreat bring nature home

Ceramics are Thriving in Contemporary Rituals and Ceremonies

Amidst the chaos of our modern lives, there’s something magical about slowing down and embracing rituals. They provide us with a profound sense of meaning, allowing us to anchor ourselves in a world that feels overwhelming.  In recent years, a revival of contemporary rituals and ceremonies has given rise to a new appreciation for the …

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flors al mercat amelia johannsen

Flors al Mercat 2023

Flors al Mercat is a plant-based weekend: flowers, plants, green crafts & sustainability. I’ll be joining many ceramic artists and artisans with a new collection of funky ceramic planters, vases and pots for your plants.

palo market fest

Palo Market Fest

You can find me at the Palo Market Fest in the Poblenou district of Barcelona this month for a special edition of the monthly event, just one month before Christmas! I will bring all of my latest creations including cups, mugs and hand-poured soy wax candles inside of a ceramic cup that you can use …

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Warm Glow Pinch Pot

Clay Meditation Workshop

On the evening of December 31st 2021 I led my first official clay meditation workshop at Amara Valley, a nature and wellness retreat center in the heart of Catalunya.  The New Years retreat welcomed 30 or so guests in an intimate gathering combining yoga, nutrition, music, massage, drawing and yes–clay! It was an amazing experience …

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collective exhibition women transiting

Collective Exhibition: Women Transiting

Women travel the world creating their own way; knowledge networks, solidarity, art, life … And in this transit many lose their lives to defend their ideas, their bodies and their territory.

In this exhibition we will be accompanied by women transiting and creating; opening spaces for the defense of human rights, complicity and friendship.

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