10 Unique Ceramic Gift Ideas
ceamic gift ideas from amelia johannsen

10 Unique Ceramic Gift Ideas

Are you thinking of giving some ceramic gifts this year? Giving pottery is fun because it’s unique, handmade and something that most people enjoy.

When you think of handmade pottery, you might be thinking of plates, mugs and dish sets. But your ceramic gifts don’t necessarily have to be for the kitchen. Here are some ceramic gift ideas starting from the small and simple and working our way up to more elaborate and personal gifts.

1. Trinket Dishes

Small decorative bowls are a fun gift for almost everyone. Trinket dishes are a handy place to set jewelry, keys, coins, and other odds and ends, making them not only thoughtful, but really practical to have around.  Another great aspect is that there is an almost endless choice of styles, so you can be sure to find just the right one. In my shop, I have ceramic and glass dishes, black clay pinch pots, or even porcelain oyster shells. See the selection.

ceramic gift ideas trinket dish

2. Ceramic Jars

Like trinket dishes, ceramic jars and canisters are an item that anyone can find a use for. From storing salt and spices in the kitchen to rubber bands and paperclips in the office, ceramic jars are both useful and beautiful. I pair mine with natural cork stoppers from Spain. You can find a selection of handmade jars and canisters in my shop.

ceramic gift ideas jars

3. Hand-poured candles

For anyone who loves creating a cozy ambiance, candles are a must! And not just any candles- you’ll want to be wary of buying paraffin wax candles, as these are petroleum based and harm the air quality in your home. For safe burning candles, make sure to buy beeswax or soy wax candles. You can find handmade soy wax candles at my shop.

ceramic gift ideas handpoured candles

4. Pots for Plants

If you’re buying for someone with a green thumb, a homemade ceramic flower pot is the perfect gift. Pair it with a new succulent or some seeds to plant and it’s a gift that keeps on living—giving—growing. Here is my collection of one-of-a-kind planters.

ceramic gift ideas planters

5. Flower vases

Anyone who loves fresh flowers must have a good collection of vases on hand.  From bud vases to large, decorative vessels, the pairing of clay and flowers is a timeless classic. Here is a wide variety of handmade vases and vessels to chose from.

organic textured bud vase

6. Olive Dishes

Olive bowls are a home run gift with olive lovers. Guests will never again need to look around uncomfortably, trying to find where to stash their olive pits. Olive dishes with a separate bowl for the pits make serving and eating olives easy. See my handmade olive dishes.

ceramic gift ideas olive dish

7. Serving dishes

It doesn’t matter if your loved one has plain white dishes or an eclectic set of handmade plates, a beautiful serving dish can combine with anything. (And it will make the table shine!) It can bring attention to the main dish being served or be used as a fruit or salad bowl when they’re not having company. See my serving dishes currently for sale.

8. Decorative Plates

Now we’re getting into the territory where you need to know a person’s style and preferences. Decorative plates can hang on the wall as a piece of artwork, or sit on the shelf to break up straight lines. (You can learn more about decorating with plates here.) Plates make a very unique artistic gift and I have a nice selection of different styles in art plates.

ceramic decorative plate

9. Ceramic Jewelry

Surprise your loved one with a gift that shows you put a great deal of thought into selecting it. Ceramic jewelry is unique, contemporary, wearable art. You can see my unique ceramic jewelry pieces here.

10. Small Sculptures

Small ceramic sculptures are a highly personal gift that show you know the person’s favorite motifs and style. It’s a gift to be displayed in their home or office for all to see. See my small ceramic sculptures inspired by nature as well as those based on the feminine form.

ceramic gift ideas small sculptures

I hope you are inspired by my list of unique ceramic gift ideas. If a product from my shop is sold out or has only a few items to choose from, please sign up to my mailing list to get notified of pieces for sale. I love to play and experiment so most of my work is one-of-a-kind or made in very small batches.

If you didn’t see anything that inspired you here, then check out my growing Pinterest board with more ceramic gift inspiration.

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