Ceramic Artist, Sculptor and Potter in Barcelona, Spain
ceramic art amelia johannsen

Art is an opportunity to connect
with our unconscious & communicate
something lasting about our experience.”

Amelia Johannsen is a multidisciplinary artist who combines her Pacific Northwest roots with the eclectic influences of Barcelona, where she has lived since 2005. Her distinctive artworks bring together raw textures, organic shapes, and coastal colors to create contemporary art where the serenity of water melds with the ruggedness of the natural world. She has developed a diverse repertoire encompassing ceramic sculptures, trencadis mosaics and abstract paintings. Amelia’s artworks have been featured in exhibitions, galleries and international media.

ceramic artist amelia johannsen

An unexpected journey of healing and creativity

I found an intuitive passion to create with clay at a young age. Growing up with hard-working parents who were often absent, I sought emotional belonging through my deep connections with nature and clay.

The woods near my Portland, OR home provided solace and a sense of liberation, while the studio became my haven of purpose and creative expression. Even as I pursued more conventional career paths, ceramics and time in nature remained steadfast passions, guiding me to uncover the significance and meaning behind my experiences.

My mother, a constant source of inspiration, continues to shape my life with her strength and kindness. Her untimely passing left me feeling adrift and isolated in a foreign land. Once again, clay and nature became my steadfast companions, offering guidance through fear of the unknown and resilience in the face of adversity. These experiences empowered me to discover new harmonies in both my personal life and creative work, leading me to explore feminist themes within my art.

Waves & Curves

I feel most at peace in the presence of water; be it the rhythmic flow of a river, the crashing of ocean waves, or the serene stillness of a quiet lake. There’s something incredibly soothing about natural bodies of water that feels like coming home.

My creative process flows intuitively, guided by a desire to play and explore. My art emerges from this spontaneity, ensuring that every creation carries a distinct essence of its own.

Celebration of Vitality and Flow

Through my artwork, I have the privilege of sharing my deeply-held ideals and core values with the world. Mindfulness, environmentalism, feminism, and compassion for all beings are at the heart of my creative expression.

On my dedicated ceramics blog, I offer insights into my craft and share my artistic vision. Additionally, I founded FrikiFish, an online magazine that serves as a platform to showcase stories about art and emerging talent in the vibrant city of Barcelona.

Together, these endeavors allow me to amplify my voice and contribute to a broader conversation about the power of art and its potential to inspire change and cultivate a more compassionate world.

mosaic diptych art amelia johannsen


1/12/23 – Solo Exhibition, “Room to Breathe.” Flash Gallery, Barcelona.
1/11/22 – Winner. Fine Clay Art, Aretrepreneur.
5/03/20 – Collective exhibition. ‘Dones Transitant’, Centre Cívic Barceloneta, Barcelona.
31/07/19 – Best in show for 3-dimensional art. Waterscapes Competition, Fusion Art, Palm Springs CA, USA
14/06/19 –  Collective exhibition.‘Cerámica y Madera’ – 137° Ceramic Art Studio, Barcelona
30/03/19 –  Collective exhibition. ‘Verde’  137° Ceramic Art Studio, Barcelona
14/12/19 – Collective exhibition. ‘Luz’ 137° Ceramic Art Studio, Barcelona

Press & Publications

House and Garden Magazine , UK
Room Solutions , USA
AMB, Indonesia
Made in Barcelona, Spain
The Weekly Mag, Spain
Navigant, Spain
Metropolitan Magazine, Spain
SmART Magazine, Canada

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