How to Use Earthy Natural Home Decor
earthy natural home decor

5 Ways to Bring Nature’s Vitality into Your Home

Today more than ever, we need to cultivate more peace-of-mind in our lives. Experience and science tell us that nature is the best place to find calmness and restoration. But most of us live in cities and residential neighborhoods; boxed within right angles and concrete roads, with a few parks and trees tucked in almost as an afterthought. 

We’d love to escape our busy lives as often as possible to spend time in nature, but our lives keep getting busier and natural spaces keep getting smaller.  One way to improve this situation is to bring nature home.

Nature is full of textures and organic lines. She has movement and fluidity. To capture these features in your home, use earthy natural home decor to cultivate that same sense of well-being that you find in the outdoors. Let’s explore in more detail. 

Earthy Natural Home Decor and plants
House plants can stand or hang in every room of the house.

1. Plants are essential

Plants are the easiest way to bring nature’s beauty and well-being into your space. Besides bringing life into the room, plants also help to clean your air and boost oxygen levels.

If caring for your plants is a concern, look into buying succulents and cacti, which require very little maintenance. They’ll do well close to a window with lots of natural light (some direct sun is okay too). Another great thing about succulents is that you can propagate them yourself! Simply cut or break off a healthy leaf or branch and place the base in a cup of water for a couple weeks to allow new roots to appear, and voila! You’re ready to place your new succulent plant into soil. If you share with friends, this is an easy and inexpensive way to accumulate a variety of plants in your home.

If you have a space without a lot of natural light, almost any kind of ivy with thrive. More good options are the ‘Maria’ plant and the cast-iron plant. Both of these plants are also non-toxic for your pets.

handmade pottery
Pottery – the art of the four elements

2. Pottery brings organic shapes and texture 

Because I’m a potter, clay is my absolute favorite earthy, natural home decor item. The earthiness of clay, organic shapes and the tactile quality of handmade pottery all help to create a calming natural environment. Plus, it’s one of the easiest ways to break up all of the straight lines in your home. Here are a few ideas to incorporate clay into your home:

  • Use ceramic planters for your house plants. Handmade planters may have textures, patterns and lively colors that will brighten up your space. Even the more common terracotta planters will bring earthiness to the room.
  • Handmade decorative bowls and vases are both useful and charming.
  • Ceramic wall art and decorative plates can be small and simple or you can combine multiple pieces for larger installations. For more ideas, see my post about using ceramic wall plates in your design.

Using ceramic art as well as handmade, rustic plates and pots in your kitchen, makes your space more personalized and unique. Read more in another article explaining how to personalize your home decor.

Earthy Natural Home Decor
Natural fibers can be used in everything from furniture to linens and decoration.

3. Natural Fibers fit a holistic approach

Besides being sustainable and less toxic than commonly used chemical fibers, natural fibers are essential when designing a home for well-being. You can upholster with them, snuggle up to natural pillows and blankets and decorate with rugs and baskets. Surround yourself with natural textiles and you’ll notice the improved aesthetics and natural durability of your interior.

Here are some of the most commonly used natural fibers:

  • Jute
  • Sisal
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Hemp
  • Rattan
  • Wicker
wood interior design
Wood can be used in both construction and decor.

4. Wood is versatile and aesthetically delightful

If you’re looking for a natural, rustic home, then wood is essential. The reasons for its use are endless, including good sound insulation, sustainability, durability and comfort. Not to mention that wood grain is one of the most mesmerizing beauties in the natural world, where different colors and textures roll into each other in a captivating dance.

The most sustainable woods are black cherry, beech, maple, ash, eastern red cedar, mango, and bamboo.

bring nature home stone decor
Natural stone can be both artistic and functional.

5. Stone brings texture and irregularity to your space

Stone and river rock might be the least utilized natural materials in interior design, but for me, they’re one of the most intriguing. Stone has a tactile element that brings you right back to nature (try using it for your bathroom floor, where you’re most likely to be barefoot).  

Natural stone’s types, colors, and patterns can be mixed and matched into hundreds of different combinations. Pairing stone with the other materials in this list creates a warmly tactile and inviting space. 

I’m not sure about you, but I do not regret a single moment I’ve spent in nature. It’s where I feel most at home. And while I’m not ready or able to negate all of the conveniences of city life, I still love to escape into nature and feel at peace. That’s why it’s so important for me to make my dwelling into my personal sanctuary, where I feel relaxed and comfortable.

Emotional well-being leads to physical well-being and we already know that being in nature boosts our immune system, lowers our blood pressure, reduces stress and mental fatigue, increases our ability to focus, increases our energy levels and improves our sleep. If not for aesthetic purposes, then incorporate more nature into your life for your physical health.

I hope you found this article on how to bring nature home helpful and inspiring. As always, I look forward to your ideas and comments below.

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