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  • green moon sculpture

    Serene Green Luna


    This artwork’s verdant hues, reminiscent of lush forests and vibrant meadows, imbue the moon with a refreshing and revitalizing energy. The subtle variations in green tones evoke a sense of natural growth and renewal, symbolizing the cycle of life and the ever-changing phases of the moon. It becomes a tranquil oasis amidst the chaos of the world, offering solace and a moment of respite to those who gaze upon it.

    Designed for both indoor and outdoor display, “Serene Green Luna” seamlessly blends with its surroundings, bringing a touch of serenity and natural elegance to any environment. Whether hanging in a tranquil garden, adorning a sunlit patio, or gracing the walls of a serene living space, it becomes a focal point of beauty and a source of serenity.

  • ceramic fungi arthanging garden sculptures

    Moonlit Mycelium


    Step into a realm where the whimsical and the natural intertwine. This captivating ceramic artwork is handcrafted with resilient stoneware clay, ensuring its durability and timeless charm. The moon is adorned with an enchanting cluster of fungi, symbolizing growth, resilience, and the interconnectedness of all living things.

    Moonlit Mycelium infuses any space with a touch of magic and intrigue, whether it adorns a cozy study or finds its place amidst the serenity of your garden. It’s more than just a work of art—it’s an invitation to delve into a world where mythology and nature coalesce. Let its presence in your life spark conversations, ignite inspiration, and make a unique statement.

    Dimensions in cm: 25 W x 25 H x 8 D

  • Ceramic Moon Wall Sculpture

    Luna’s Guiding Glow


    Introducing “Luna’s Guiding Glow” — an exquisite sculpture crafted from stoneware clay, designed to bring serenity and tranquility to your surroundings. This captivating artwork features a serene lunar face, radiating a peaceful aura that infuses any space with a sense of balance and calm

    Whether adorning the interior of your home or gracing your outdoor sanctuary, this original artwork serves as a gentle reminder to embrace peacefulness and find solace in the beauty of the night sky.

  • moon goddess wall sculpturemoon goddess wall art

    Moon Goddess


    The Moon Goddess ceramic wall sculpture conveys the strength and complexity of the feminine.

    The spiral is a sacred symbol for creation and growth. From ancient times the spiral has been used to represent Mother Nature, cycles and immortality. Throughout history and across cultures, women have shared a strong and symbolic connection with the moon. This connection is often seen through various myths, rituals, and beliefs that highlight the lunar cycle’s influence on women’s lives and experiences.

    Handcrafted from stoneware clay, this original artwork is versatile in its use, decorating a sacred space in either indoor or outdoor spaces, inviting a sense of enchantment and wonder wherever it finds its place.

    cm: H 24 | W 10 | D 0.8
    in: H 10 | W 4 | D 0.3

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