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    Cresting Currents


    Inspired by the rhythmic dance of waves upon the shore, this stoneware ceramic plate is crafted to adorn your wall with a touch of oceanic allure. The plate’s textured surface mimics the tactile feel of water, with glazes ranging from soothing sand to deep turquoise hues, evoking the serenity of a tranquil sea.

    Whether displayed alone or as part of a curated collection, this ceramic artwork exudes both elegance and fluidity. As light dances across its undulating form, a subtle interplay of shadows casts an ever-changing spectacle upon your wall.

    Diameter: 28cm Depth: 4cm (11 x 1 inches)

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    Serenity in Motion – Ceramic Wave Sculptures

    Unique ceramic wave sculptures that evoke a sense of mesmerizing fluidity and tranquility. Each sculpture is meticulously handcrafted with stoneware clay, capturing the essence of powerful ocean waves frozen in time. The undulating curves and graceful lines of the waves reflect the perpetual motion of the sea, creating a harmonious dance between elegance and energy.

    The use of texture and glazing enhances the organic nature of the waves, imbuing them with a tactile quality that invites viewers to explore their intricacies. The glazes range from deep ocean blues and vibrant turquoise to frothy whites, mirroring the ever-changing hues found in nature’s landscapes. Several artworks in the collection incorporate beach treasures, such as shells, stones, and sand, carefully gathered from the shoreline. These natural elements are thoughtfully integrated into the composition, adding an extra layer of texture and visual intrigue.

    Ceramic wave sculptures serve as a reminder of the vastness and power of the ocean, inviting contemplation and offering a moment of serenity in a chaotic world.

    From the artist

    The mesmerizing trance of crashing ocean waves has always captivated my senses. In the presence of water, I find myself most connected and at peace, making it my ultimate source of inspiration.

    My artistic process flows intuitively, guided by a desire to play and explore. Each wave I create is a unique expression, crafted with care and imbued with a touch of spontaneity.

    Please inquire about prices and availability of wave sculptures.

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    Moonlit Beach Trails


    Crafted with earthenware clay and infused with glaze and sand from Barcelona’s beaches, the Beach Trails decorative ceramic plates are not merely objects of beauty; they embody the spirit of nature’s ever-changing landscapes. This piece encapsulates the raw energy and allure of ocean waves crashing on the shore, brought to life through the tactile experience of glaze and sand. Experience the artful blend of form and function, where nature’s inspiration merges with the beauty of sustainable craftsmanship.

    With their versatility and unique aesthetic, ceramic plates invite you to re-imagine your surroundings. Hang them individually, and they become focal points adorning your walls. Create a stunning display by arranging them in a collection, where their collective beauty harmonizes and mesmerizes. Placed on a shelf, they elegantly break up both horizontal and vertical lines, introducing visual interest and inviting exploration.

    Diameter: 28cm Depth: 4cm (Inches: 11 x 1.5)

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    Mosaic Wave Diptych

    In this homage to the sea, an interplay of warm and cool colors converge, infusing the room with dynamic movement and allure. This Mosaic Wave artwork, crafted through the Trencadís technique, showcases a harmonious fusion of fragmented ceramics from my studio and select stones sourced from Barcelona’s shoreline.

    Comprising two panels, this mixed media artwork features clay meticulously applied onto a sturdy wooden surface. The juxtaposition of colors creates a captivating dialogue, reminiscent of the ever-changing tides and the enchanting rhythm of the ocean. The textured surface beckons viewers to trace their fingers across the arrangement of ceramic fragments, forging a deeper connection with the artwork.

    Dimensions: Height: 40cm, Total width of the two wood panels: 80cm (16 x 31.5″)

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    Making Waves Ceramic Plate


    Bringing energetic movement to the room, the Making Waves ceramic plate is an original artwork made with stoneware clay. Combines beautifully with neutral colors and boho inspired homes.

    This artwork can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces. The pattern and colors can be appreciated from different perspectives, depending on how the piece hangs.

    Diameter: 28cm Depth: 4cm (Inches: 11 x 1.5)

    Ready to ship. Metal plate hanger included.

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