Abstract Ceramics by Amelia Johannsen

Abstract ceramics

Shapes and curves, lines and geometric forms. Browse my collection of  abstract ceramic art.

  • mosaic vase artwork

    Kaleidoscope Mosaic Vase


    Handcrafted from black stoneware, the Kaleidoscope Mosaic Vase stands out as a one-of-a-kind piece, adorned with a unique interplay of black and colorful ceramic elements. The abstract design incorporates geometric shapes and eyes, adding a touch of intrigue to the design.  Versatile in function, it serves as a distinctive stand-alone artwork or a functional piece for displaying flowers. Add a contemporary and artistic flair to your space with this unique mosaic artwork.

    cm H 40  x  W 16
    in H 16  x W 6.3

  • abstract-modern-art-plate

    Modern Voyage Ceramic Art Plate


    Introducing a contemporary ceramic art plate adorned with intersecting lines, intricate patterns, and captivating textures. This artistic creation embarks on a new voyage of creativity, blending various styles and techniques.

    Crafted using stoneware clay and adorned with slips and glazes, this original artwork showcases an array of patterns and colors that reveal themselves from diverse vantage points, depending on how the piece is displayed.

    Ceramic plates serve as magnificent accents for small spaces, bookshelves and above fireplaces, imparting a welcome break from the regimented lines of the surrounding decor.

    Versatility is the hallmark of this artwork, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Transform your patio or deck into an oasis of nature-inspired art by incorporating this captivating piece into your outdoor decor.

    Diameter: 28cm Depth: 4cm (Inches: 11 x 1.5)

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