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Decorative Plates

Ceramic plates enrich design versatility, textural quality and visual beauty.
Plates can be used in collections for art installations or hang alone to adorn your home with original, handmade art.

  • fine art ceramic plateresilience fine art ceramic plate

    Resilience Ceramic Plate


    The Resilience ceramic plate is inspired by the woods following a heavy storm, when you can listen to the breaking limbs of creaking trees. Created using black stoneware clay with twigs dipped in liquid porcelain and glaze.

    This piece was chosen as a winner of the Fine Art Clay Competition from Artrepreneur.

    “An element of rebirth exists in the skeletal quality of these ceramic works as one considers the permanence now established through the firing process. Using nature as a springboard, the work is elevated to reliquary status as an offering of sorts to those who seek refuge in the visual menagerie of these delightful fragments of life. – Herb Weaver

    Approximate dimensions: Diameter: 28cm Depth: 5cm (Inches: 11 x 2)

  • Moon-decorative-Ceramic-Plate-wall-artharvest moon ceramic plate

    Harvest Moon Ceramic Plate


    This artwork brings a feeling of romanticism and mystery to the room. It has many different textures and seems to tell a story.

    I created it in multiple layers, using three different types of clay—black stoneware, white stoneware and porcelain—in three separate firings.

    Approximate dimensions: Diameter: 28cm Depth: 5cm (Inches: 11 x 2)

    Metal plate hanger included. Ready to ship.


  • abstract-modern-art-plate

    Modern Voyage Ceramic Art Plate


    Introducing a contemporary ceramic art plate adorned with intersecting lines, intricate patterns, and captivating textures. This artistic creation embarks on a new voyage of creativity, blending various styles and techniques.

    Crafted using stoneware clay and adorned with slips and glazes, this original artwork showcases an array of patterns and colors that reveal themselves from diverse vantage points, depending on how the piece is displayed.

    Ceramic plates serve as magnificent accents for small spaces, bookshelves and above fireplaces, imparting a welcome break from the regimented lines of the surrounding decor.

    Versatility is the hallmark of this artwork, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Transform your patio or deck into an oasis of nature-inspired art by incorporating this captivating piece into your outdoor decor.

    Diameter: 28cm Depth: 4cm (Inches: 11 x 1.5)

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